Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sex for Couples is a professional step by step guide on how to have sex on an exercise ball

If you wish to have great abs and maybe getting into your old clothes (but never got to wear it because you outgrew them in the last two months) are not motivation sufficient for a two hour of hard work out at the gym, you need to look into the benefits of having sex on an exercise ball. Trust me! No diets, or cross trainer until you run out of breath, the latest fad in the world of staying fit is to combine sex and exercise. It helps you burn calories, satisfies you and your partner sexually, is fun, maintains an overall fitness, and keeps your partner happy. A half an hour sex session on an exercise ball can burn up to 450 calories for the partner on top of the ball, which is equivalent to the amount of calories burnt during a long brisk walk. For men who are not the kind that can make it last for a whole 15 minutes, they might want to start off with a lot of foreplay before they can start playing on an exercise ball. It is also always better to switch positions in between ‘sexercise’ so that both partners can benefit from the sex workout. Sex on an exercise ball builds more intimacy between the partners, is enjoyable, and helps increase one’s stamina. Below you will find some of the benefits of having sex on an exercise ball.

The Advantages of ‘sexercise’ on an exercise ball:

•Improves sleep, it assists the body to rest and increases the energy of your body.

•Regular ‘sexercise’ increases the blood flow in the body, which is good for the overall fitness level.

•Though usually an assisted form of sex and exercise can be done on your own as well.

•Regular ‘sexercise’ on an exercise ball increases the sexual stamina of both partners resulting in a more gratifying sex session than the usual “Sex Zone” bed routine.

•Sex and exercise boost the production of testosterone and estrogens in the body. These sex hormones are known to increase a person’s libido, so making both partners more sexually confident.

•Sex between loving partners has the aptitude to calm tensions and strengthens the emotional bond between the couple.

•Regular ‘sexercise’ has been found to control the cholesterol level in the human body.

•Regular ‘sexercise’ has been linked to longevity and a better quality of life.

•Sex and exercise helps alleviate pain. The sex hormone oxytocins secreted in the body during sex is a powerful pain reliever and helps in reducing pain related to headaches or arthritis.

•’Sexercise’ can also be a huge stress booster. Couples who tend to engage in sexual and exercise activity more often than others, tend to be less stressed, and are more energetic.

•Couples who have regular sex and exercise are seen to have a better immune system than people who rarely have ‘sexercise’.

It is important that sex and regular exercise is not to lose focus, make use of every muscle that you can. Just as a regular workout in a gym, following the same routine everyday tends to be a bit boring after a while, so couples are advised to try out new ideas, positions and for the more sexuallyadventurous ones, even your own sex positions on an exercise ball. Sexyballs™book is a great way to break the ice when ‘sexercising’ on an exercise ball. Sexyballs™ is an instructional material for couples willing to take their sex life to a new level. Please visit us for more information on